Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blogs on Requested Topics

In Round 3 of the Reader Participation Game I asked that readers submit topics that they wanted me to blog about. So I'm starting to get around to those topics and will be blogging about them from time to time. If you were the one who suggested the topic - I WOULD LOVE feedback on my blog post covering the topic you suggested (Did I do a good job? Did I misunderstand your questions?)! As always feel free to email me at castsandtoes @ yahoo dot com

Topic 1 - Anonymous Comment #4 and #6 both asked about what extent people are willing to go to "earn" a real cast. 
I think this is a great topic. I have come across several people on this blog, males & females who fantasize about breaking their ankle, leg, wrist, arm, etc. Their "cast fetish" is really not fulfilled by a recreational cast, they HAVE to have the pain associated with the injury to be satisfied. Many times the pain itself is the turn on  - they want to climax with a freshly broken bone and the cast is just icing on the cake. Some of these folks want to be injured as a result of a real accident others want to purposely harm themselves to accomplish the broken bone and there are still others who want their partner to injure them during a sex act.

Beyond the pain of the broken bone, they want to have the real experience in the ER/Hospital/Doc Office, with the pain associated with examination, xrays, reduction and casting. 

While I don't encourage anyone to go out and break a bone without truly considering the consequences - I think this aspect of the fetish is a huge turn on. Not only is it a turn on, it shows really how committed they are to their fetish.

As I have explained many times before, I LOVE for people to explore their sexuality and do what it takes to reach satisfaction.

I neglected to mention that as far as pics of women in casts - it is more arousing for me to look at someone in a "real" cast vs a recreational cast.

Did I do a good job of blogging on this topic? Would love to hear from those of you who want to break a bone and earn a real cast!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Round 3 - Reader Participation Game


You guys came through again! And in less than 24 hours again! I love it. Seriously the comments and questions really add a whole different level to this blog... I love connecting with you all!

As promised here is your well earned reward/prize!

Here you see the xray's showing the breaks in the tibia...

A Nice fresh pink full leg cast to help mend that broken bone...

Lucky Andy - he/she got to sign on some prime real estate!

And now the fresh pink full leg cast is transformed into a work of art with all the signatures! Just a little bit of detail - love that she is in a wheel chair and anyone else notice the sweet looking red toenail on her right foot?

Pink cast is gone and here comes a nice fresh blue one!

And sadly the full leg cast is now gone replaced by short leg cast... 

Reader Participation Game - Round 3

CHALLENGE: I want 6 comments from readers that answer:
1. Your sex, 
2. approx age,
3. What is 1 sex act that you have wanted to try but haven't? Why do you want to try it?
4. Tell me a "sex" related subject that you want me to write a post about. Essentially give me a request for a custom post about a topic that would turn you on!


REWARD: I have 7 pictures that I want to share. They are again of another college aged female athlete who suffered multiple tibia breaks. 2 of the pics are of her xray clearly showing the breaks, I have 1 pic of her fresh pink full leg cast that had just been applied, 1 pic of her pink full leg cast with signatures, 1 pick of the sole of her pink full leg cast, 1 pic of her 2nd full leg cast which was baby blue, and 1 pic of her short leg cast that shows her unpainted toes in great detail. 

Its a pretty fantastic set, hence the tougher challenge!

Ready? GO!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Round 2 - Reader Participation Game


Ding Ding Ding - we have winners! 6 comments 3 males, 3 females. Love it! I knew you guys were out there - so good to hear from you!

As promised here is your reward!!!

First you see the xray... multiple tibia fractures... and it was later determined that she fractured her ankle as well.

Then you get the sweet pink full leg cast I mentioned

Next a great view of the cast that shows her toes

and finally after she had surgery to fix the tibia and ankle a blue short leg cast.

What did everyone think of this reward? Good? Hope I didn't over sell it?

So Round 1 of the Reader Participation Game was a great success! Ready for Round 2?

Reader Participation Game - Round 2

CHALLENGE: I want 4 comments from readers that answer:
1. Your sex, 
2. approx age,
3. If you had the choice of putting your partner in a cast or yourself in a cast which would you choose and why? and what kind of cast would it be?
4. If you HAD to be in an actual medical cast for an injury - what kind of cast would you want to be in and why?


REWARD: I have 3 pictures that I want to share. They are of a college aged female who suffered multiple tibia breaks while sliding into 3rd base playing softball. The result is a absolutely perfect Pink Full Leg Cast that goes high on her leg and perfectly displays her toes which are painted blue. Also included is a pic of her xray showing the breaks in her tibia. 

Ready? GO!