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Service With A Smile - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

After our long embrace, Kelly crutched out of the bedroom and lowered herself carefully onto the chair in the bedroom. She then propped her crutches up against the wall beside her. I quickly read her cues and grabbed a stool and moved it in front of her chair. I then carefully lifted her casted leg and gently placed it on the stool. This was the first time I had actually had a chance to feel the plaster cast. It was unbelievably smooth and cold. It was also very hard. But it felt like it was only the 2nd hardest item in the room, next to my fully erect penis. The embrace, the kiss, the feel of the plaster – and I felt like my cock was going to burst.

“I have an idea.”

“What’s that.” Kelly had a quizzical look on her face.

“Why don’t we get you changed into a clean pair of clothes. I think that will help you feel better.”

Kelly stared at her casted foot. “Good idea.” She moved her gorgeous toes back and forth seemingly pleased with their mobility. Kelly looked at me.

“I’ve got a better idea” said Kelly

“Do you think you could help me take a shower? I just feel kind of gross. Having been at that hospital all day and stuff.”

I quickly replayed the bathroom scenario from earlier and envisioned something about 10 times more challenging.

“Sure! Anything I can do to help you get more comfortable!” I replied.

I got to work – following Kelly’s instructions I placed her shower gel in the stand up shower that was in the master bath, and hung 2 fresh towels on the hook just outside the shower. I started the shower and set it to an optimal temperature. Next I grabbed the waterproof cast cover and went back to the bedroom.
“Ready?” I asked

“Ready as I will ever be” Replied Kelly.

Kelly began to remove her tank top and her sports bra. Her ample breasts were perfect. I tried not to look. Next was the hospital pants. Using her arms to push herself up, she lifted her butt off the seat just enough so I could take her pants off. I carefully slid them off her good leg and then worked then down her casted leg until they were off. Next up were her thong panties, which I had pulled up around her waist a few minutes ago in the bathroom. As I knelt in front of her she, again lifted her butt off the seat allowing me to pull her panties down. I was so close to her crotch it felt like I could smell her amazing scent. Once the panties were off she seemed a little red faced again as she sat in front of me completely naked except for the plaster on her leg. I wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed or if it was the pain in her leg from all the maneuvering.

From my position on kneeling on the floor – I could see her beautiful lady parts in all their glory. Perfectly smooth and hairless, gorgeous lips… one word incredible.

I gently touched and caressed the back of her knee on her healthy leg, and looked up at her and gave her a reassuring smile.  She smiled back at me and laughed.

Then I grabbed the cast cover and started to unroll it onto her broken leg. Starting at the toes and working up, all the way to the top of her cast and the upper part of her thigh. I then gave her inner thigh a gentle stroke when I was done and said “Ok, let’s do this!”

I grabbed her crutches, and helped Kelly stand up. Then, completely naked except for the vinyl sleeve on her broken leg, she crutched into the bathroom. I opened the shower door for her and then helped her step into the shower. The crutches stayed outside the shower with me. She stood on one leg and braced herself with the handle inside the shower. From outside the shower I handed her a washcloth with some shower gel on it and waited. After about 5 minutes the shower turned off. I opened the door and helped her out into the bathroom. Standing on one leg and leaning on a crutch I helped her dry off.

She then handed me the towel and started to crutch back into the bedroom. She was crutching with purpose. I could imagine the showering had exhausted her. She got to the bed and lowered herself onto it. I then got back on the ground and helped remove the cast cover. The highlight was the cover rolling off the end of her cast and exposing her perfect toes.

“Let’s see how waterproof this cover was” I said.

I took the opportunity to feel around her smooth, cold plaster cast. The cover had done a magnificent job keeping the cast dry. However, that didn’t stop me from feeling almost every inch of that cast. The best part was feeling the top of her cast where it met her thigh. If there was going to be a leak – it would have been up there.

“I hope you don’t mind” I said as I felt around the top of her cast including feeling the inside of her cast to make sure the padding wasn’t wet.

Again I heard a loud groan or moan, which made me look up and ask if my inspection was causing her any pain. However, when I looked up, Kelly’s head was back and her eyes were closed. Just as I realized that the moan was not of pain, but of pleasure, I felt her hands on the back of my head, her fingers running through my hair.

I took the cue and started to kiss her inner thighs, slowly and deliberately. Her hands still in my hair I worked my way closer to her lap. More moans and sounds of pleasure.

Then her hands were gone from the back of my head. I looked up and I realized that she was now lying on her back, her legs hanging off the bed.

“Mmmm keep going” she whispered to me.

I moved above her gorgeous vagina and started to kiss below her navel and working my way back down.

I parted her legs and lifted her casted leg and rested it on my shoulder. I started to kiss just above her clitoris. Then I kissed down to the right of her opening and began kissing her right inner thigh. Then I kissed her left inner thigh and back up the left of her slit. I made absolute care I was really teasing her and did not touch her lips. Jo started to buck her hips and push closer to my face. All the while I took in her amazing scent.

“Please,” she begged” I opened her lips and gave her what she wanted. I pushed my tongue inside her gently and started to lick her out. I tickled the inside of her with my tongue. I was amazed at how wet she was. She started to let out several loud, high pitched moans. I thrust my tongue in and out of her slowly at first but then picking up a rhythm. Every now and again I’d hold my tongue inside her and lick her inside. The feel of her heavy and smooth cast on my shoulder was driving me crazy. Her moans were getting loader. I slowly slipped in a finger, then a second. This made Kelly let out a huge scream of ecstasy. She pushed her hips forward as if trying to fuck my face. Now she was screaming loudly. She had reached orgasm. I kept working at her with my mouth and tongue as she came hard. She was so wet and it tasted so good. She seemed to be gushing. She moaned and screamed as she kept cumming. Finally she gave one last high pitched moan and settled back down on the bed.

I then stood up and helped move her legs onto the bed. If she was in any pain from our vigorous oral sex session, she was hiding it well.

Next I stripped down and lay down next to her. She reached down and grabbed my rock hard erection and began rubbing...

“Mmmm that was soooo good Ryan. You don’t even know how good that felt. I want to feel you inside of me” whispered Kelly as she continued to fondle me.

This was going to be tricky. After all the fantasizing I had done about women in full leg casts, I hadn’t thought about an ideal position that would work.

I climbed on top of her, hoisted her good leg over my shoulder, keeping her broken plastered leg flat on the bed and entered her slowly in a modified missionary position. Given how wet she was, I slipped right into her warmth. I locked eyes with her and we kissed like high school kids as I started to thrust slowly and rhythmically. After a few minutes of passionate kissing and thrusting, she whispered “it’s ok, I’m on the pill”

With that cue I exploded deep inside of her.

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About Me

While many of you are long time visitors to this blog - we have some newbies as well. If you are wondering who I am, my interests, kinks and desires you should read this post.

About a year and a half ago I did a Reader Participation Game where I posted a sex survey and asked readers to ask me questions from it while providing their answers as well.

My completed survey with answers to all 97 questions is probably a great way to get to know me. So I have re-posted it below. Feel free to email me or comment on this post if you want any further details to any of my answers. As always - I am pretty much an open book when it comes to this stuff.



  1. Sexual orientation/preference? I am straight and comfortable enough in my sexuality to explore pegging and prostate play with my female partners. 
  2. Number of sexual partners (males and females if you are bi) - 14. All females. 
  3. Do you have any kinks or fetishes? Hmm let's see... Cast Fetish, Foot Fetish, Pegging/Prostate Play. Those are probably my 3 most pronounced kinks. 
  4. What do you do with your pubic hair (shave, trim, wax, nothing, etc.)? I trim my pubic hair very short and keep it well groomed. 
  5. Have you masturbated for or with someone via webcam? Who? No, I have never masturbated for or with someone on a webcam...
  6. What your favorite part of your body? Either my strong jaw line or my hands. 
  7. What Part of your body are you self-conscious about?  I'm not really self concious about anything on my body, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be the new love handles that I have started to develop as I close in on my mid 30's... 
  8. What was your most recent sexual thought? 3some with 2 girls just totally pleasuring me on every inch of my body! Ironically, no cast was involved! 
  9. What is one song you like having sex to or would like to have sex to. I love "crash into me" by Dave Mathews Band. 
  10. Ideally, how many times a week do you like to have sex? Depends. If it is regular sex then 4-5 times a week is good. If I am with my dream sexual partner and we are helping each other indulge in all our kinks then it may be more!!
  11. Alcoholic beverage of choice – beer, wine or liquor? I'm a beer guy. 
  12. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 20-25 mins. 
  13. Celebrity that you want to fuck. This is tough because I want a celeb who looks hot, has great feet and seems to be "fun" in bed! I thinking Jessica Biel. She has a HOT body, great feet and I think she would be fun in bed!
  14. What kind of underwear do you normally wear? Boxer briefs
  15. What kind of underwear do you prefer on the opposite sex? I prefer thongs or boy shorts. 
  16. Your 5 favorite spots to be stimulated. Penis, prostate, inner thighs, feet, lower back. 
  17. What body parts do you find the sexiest on your preferred partner? Feet/Toes and stomach
  18. Do you find genitals physically attractive, or weird/gross, or not feel strongly either way? I think a female's genitals can be VERY attractive... There are such things as a "pretty" pussy. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
  19. How do you prefer your partner to groom down there? I prefer my partner to be waxed or neatly trimmed.
  20. Would you ever help your partner shave/trim down there if you were asked? YES! I think that it would be highly erotic and could be an excellent form or foreplay. 
  21. Something that never fails to make you horny. A cute woman in a full leg cast with a slight knee bend and polished toes either standing on crutches or laying in a bed post injury. 
  22. What is the fastest way to make you horny? Seeing a girl in a full leg cast... instant and I mean instant erection!
  23. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? I feel like the amount of time has gone down the older I have gotten. In high school and college I think I could kiss forever, but as I get older and I am not a high school kid super nervous to go further, it seems like I can probably only go for 7-10 minutes now... 
  24. Have you ever had an orgasm from stimulation anywhere other than your genitals? No. But I imagine that if I was in a full leg cast, I would probably cum as the cast was being applied... 
  25. How often do you masturbate? 5 to 7 times per week. Sometimes I get so worked up I will need to masturbate a couple of times in 1 day, but then I usually take a break for the next few days. 
  26. What do you masturbate to (porn, smut, imagination, etc.)? Variety of internet porn including but not limited to, this blog, cast fetish websites, my own collection of cast fetish videos/pics and general porn videos. 
  27. What was the last thing you masturbated to? Describe your last masturbation session. Well it started out by answering some of these questions. Then I moved onto working my way through some new cast pictures that I have found, getting them ready to post. I then visited and watched videos of men giving women "professional" massages that turned into full blown sex... and then I came...  
  28. Strangest/most unique place you've had sex? How about masturbated? When I lived in a high rise condo I had sex with a girl on the balcony. We were both totally naked and just open to the whole world, loud as hell. It was a very "freeing" experience! As for masturbation - bathroom of a plane... 
  29. Would you be ok if your partner wanted to watch you masturbate to climax? Yes,I would be completely ok with it. I think how you masturbate without holding back can really give your partner some insight about you.
  30. Are handjobs boring, or underrated? UNDERRATED! I love a good hand job!
  31. Handjob – with lube or without? Why? With lube... I love the feeling... 
  32. Do you like giving oral sex? (why/why not) YES! I love it. I love the taste, the smell, the intimacy. 
  33. Two things you like [or dislike] about oral sex? I love the taste and the smell. I dislike stray hairs!
  34. Would you have a problem with going down on someone if they hadn’t shaved their pubic hair? I don't mind it at all as long as it is clean. 
  35. Spit or swallow? If you are a man do you prefer her to spit or swallow? I prefer her to swallow, just because that means she keeps her mouth on me after climax... But I am ok if she cant swallow. 
  36. Do you prefer to give or receive oral sex? Why?  LOVE giving. I LOVE the scent, the taste and the intimacy. 
  37. Favorite foreplay activities? Foot massage, toe sucking, having her hands on my cock, going down on her. 
  38. What are your three favorite positions? I love reverse cow girl, rear entry (not doggy) and Victory (missionary with her legs up in the air). 
  39. What are your 2 least favorite positions?  Standing (I like it, but it is hard to find a woman who can execute it properly!), and standard woman on top. 
  40. Weirdest sexual position you have tried? Was it good? Ballerina. It was when I was with a partner who was fairly tall, she was almost 6 ft and VERY flexible. We stood face to face and she took her right leg and put it over my right shoulder... It was good, but tricky to time up our rhythm. 
  41. Top or bottom? I have to pick one... top. Although I am submissive, I love being on top!
  42. Do you like to have your ass slapped during sex? I really don't care either way... I gentle slap here or there is ok, but don't make it sting... 
  43. How rough are you willing to get during sex? I'll get as rough as my partner at the time wants me to. If I am on the receiving end, I like it a little rough but not too rough.. 
  44. Favorite time of day do you like to have sex? Middle of the afternoon on weekends is the best! 
  45. What sounds do you make during sex? I love to moan, scream, talk filthy. 
  46. What words do you love to hear during sex? I love to hear dirty talk, real stuff, not fake stuff. I love moans. If I was with a girl in a leg cast or if I was in a leg cast I would want to hear dirty talk about it. 
  47. What is a sex act that you have always wanted to try? Wow... there are a lot! If we are talking pure sex - then a FFM 3some with one girl working on my ass/prostate and the other working on my cock while sitting on my face. 
  48. If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited? If it was a stranger then I would probably get louder. If it was someone I knew, I would probably get quieter. 
  49. Would you try anything (sexual) once? Yes - I am VERY open minded. I will try anything once, as long as I am attracted to my partner. 
  50. After sex do you prefer to roll over and go to sleep, cuddle or shower? I prefer to cuddle and maybe work it up for round 2 or just fall asleep while cuddling. 
  51. Are you submissive or dominant? I am more submissive, but not too submissive. I don't like to be talked down to or "dominated". I just want the woman to take control. 
  52. Lights on or lights off? Day time sex is better... but given a choice, lights on, but not too bright, maybe just a few lamps?
  53. Sex in the shower or sex in the bathtub? Bathtub. Why? Because it allows me the opportunity to suck on the girls toes... Kind of tough to do in the shower.. 
  54. Have you ever had sex with more than one person (one on one only) in a day? How about 1 week? Yes I have had sex with 2 different girls in a single 24 hour period. I think 2 is my personal best for 1 week as well. 
  55. Have you had or do you want to have a threesome (or foursome, or more)? While I have never had a 3some, I really really want to have a 3some of the FFM variety. I guess I would be open to a 4some as well if it was FFFM. My dream scenario in a 3some would be a girl licking, fingering, pegging my ass while another girl 69's with me focusing on my penis while I lick to my hearts content! 
  56. Had someone give you a cum facial or given someone a cum facial? No, I have never given someone a cum facial... But I want to... 
  57. Have you ever “titty fucked” or been “titty fucked”? I have titty fucked. Its ok, I could take it or leave it... 
  58. How do you feel about having your anus touched? Yes! Touch it, lick it, penetrate it!
  59. Have you ever had anal sex? Yes, with a woman. 
  60. Have you ever had an orgasm from anal sex? No, but would love to have one via pegging. 
  61. Have you ever licked an ass and/or had your ass licked? Did you like it? I've done both. LOVED having my ass licked. It is an unreal feeling. 
  62. Have you ever had your prostate stimulated or stimulated a prostate? Yes I have had my prostate stimulated with a finger. 
  63. Women, have you ever had your ass fingered? Men. Have you ever fingered an ass? Yes I have. Generally I get a could response. There was just 1 time that the girl was not open to it... 
  64. Have you ever given or received a pegging? If no, would you? I have never received one, but I want to... badly!
  65. Would you ever use a butt plug? I think I would if the circumstances were right. Was the woman asking me to do it? Would she insert it? Would I get a special naughty reward for leaving it in?
  66. Have you ever been double penetrated or double penetrated someone? If not do you want to? Never double penetrated a woman, but I would like to... But it is not a "bucket list" type of item.. 
  67. Do you have a foot fetish or have you ever been with someone who had a foot fetish? I have a foot fetish. I have never been with someone who has a foot fetish. 
  68. Had your toes licked/sucked or licked or sucked someone elses toes? I have done both. I have sucked the toes of several partners and I have even had my toes sucked! (What can I say? I have good, well maintained feet for a man!)
  69. Have you ever given or received a footjob? I have received a footjob. It was so goooood!
  70. Had your toes/feet cummed on or cummed on someones toes/feet? Yes - in the aforementioned footjob, I came all over her feet and toes!
  71. Have you participated in any type of golden showers? No I haven't
  72. If you had to role play, describe what you would role play? I am in a full leg cast, incapacitated and my partner is a sexy nurse who takes control and rocks my world...
  73. You have 10 minutes to do whatever you want to your partner and they can’t stop you or say no. What would you do?  I would put them in a fiber long leg cast! 
  74. If you had to choose to live without 1 thing what would it be? Intercourse, Masturbation or Foreplay? Why did I include this question in my survey! Very very difficult to answer. I think if you were with the person who met ALL your sexual needs and accepted all your kinks, then you would not need masturbation. So with that caveat I would say masturbation. 
  75. Have you, or would you be open to video taping yourself having sex? Why? I have never videotaped myself, but would like to... as long as I keep the only copy! 
  76. Ever broken a bone? If so, which one? Nope. Never broken a bone... 
  77. Pick one: You have a broken leg and a giant cast on or your partner has a broken leg and a giant cast on? Why? The answer to this question has changed over time. When I was first discovering/exploring my fetish I would have said 100% I want the girl in the giant leg cast... And I still do love a sexy woman in a giant leg cast. However, as my fetish has matured, I have realized that if given an absolute one or the other choice, I desperately want to be the one in the giant leg cast and I want that to excite my partner and her really be into taking care of my sexual and physical needs. 
  78. Watch your lover masturbate, or have your lover watch you? I have to pick one... I want her to watch me... I want to be totally uninhibited, totally myself while I masturbate to her peering eyes... 
  79. Tie your lover up, or be tied up? This is tough... Going back to my submissive leanings, I want to be tied up. 
  80. Blindfold your partner, or be blindfolded? Tough again, but I want to be blindfolded. 
  81. Control when your partner orgasms, or have your partner control when you orgasm? I want her to control when I orgasm. I want to hand my orgasm completely over to her. The anticipation, the need to cum would enhance the pleasure! 
  82. Have your finger in your own ass, or your finger in your partners ass? Having my finger in my partners ass. 
  83. Receive a sponge bath from your partner or give a sponge bath? Receive a sponge bath from my partner... when I'm in a full leg cast ;)
  84. For Women: Feel your lover’s cock in your hand or in your mouth? For men: feel your lovers mouth around your cock or their hands? Feel my lovers hands around my cock. 
  85. For women: Enjoy a circumcised cock, or an uncircumcised cock? For men: are you circumcised or uncircumcised? I'm circumcised
  86. For Women: Be fingered underneath a restaurant table, or give a handjob underneath the table? For men – finger her under the table or receive a handjob under the table? I don't know if I could control myself with my facial expressions and sounds to receive a handjob under the table without anyone knowing... I prefer to finger her under the table!
  87. For Women: Weirdest place on your body that you have been cummed on? For men, weirdest body part you have cummed on? I've cummed on women's feet/toes. 
  88. If you had a penis (Females)/ vagina (males) for a day, what are five things you would do? 1. Try and give myself an orgasm by masturbating... I want to know what a female orgasm feels like 2. find a sexy bi girl to go down on me!  3. use a dildo on myself to see how it feels and to see if I could learn anything 4. have same sexy bi girl use a strap on me... again want to feel female perspective AND see if I can learn something; and 5. See if I can make myself squirt... (no idea if that is possible.. or if it is a porn myth... )
  89. What is a weird habit or quirk you have during sex? She HAS to have good feet/toes. If she doesn't I am turned off. Why? because even if she doesn't know about my foot fetish, I ALWAYS try to get a taste of her feet/toes during sex. 
  90. Do you care if a partner sees you going to the bathroom? #1 or #2? I don't care if she sees me doing #1, I have stage fright for #2... LOL
  91. Do you pee in the shower?  Not usually, but I have on a couple of very drunk occasions... 
  92. Are you comfortable with partners seeing you nude in non-sexual contexts? Yes!
  93. Do you curl your toes up, down or out in pleasure? I curl my toes down in pleasure.
  94. What’s more important in a relationship - personality and looks OR personality and sexual match? Personality and sexual match. I think if we are on the same wave length sexually then her looks will improve in my eyes!
  95. Would you rather be a pornstar or a prostitute? Why? This is a tough one for to answer. On one end I could become a high end male prostitute and enjoy freaky rich women in private, but I could become a pornstar and enjoy hot sexy pornstars but it would very public... I value my privacy so, I think I would choose prostitute. 
  96. Women: How big are your breasts? Men: How big is your penis? I'm about 6.9 inches long and 5.3 inches in girth. 
  97. Have you ever had cyber sex? Did you enjoy it? Yes - I have had cyber sex. Just like "real sex" a lot of it depends on your cyber partner. You usually want someone who can read between the lines and advance the chat session forward because that will make both people very happy. A partner who kind of just sits back and doesn't contribute as much to the chat... well that is no bueno!!! 

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Story - Service With A Smile - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

My first stop was at a pharmacy where I filled Kelly’s prescription for pain pills. The label indicated she was to take one pill every six hours. I walked over to the medical equipment aisle and was able to find a waterproof cast cover for Kelly to use in the shower. I also picked up a bed pan. Who knows how mobile Kelly was going to be over the next few days. On my way to the register I grabbed some random magazines ranging from Cosmo to People and Time – I’m sure things would get boring over the next few days and she would appreciate the reading material.

The next stop was my house.

I packed a bag with toiletries, changes of underwear, and a couple of changes clothes. I probably wouldn’t need my suits for work – since my main responsibility over the next few days was to make sure Kelly was comfortable and she didn’t sue us.  I packed light knowing I could always return home for to reload if I needed. I normally sleep in the nude, but decided to throw a pair of pajamas in the bag. I was probably going to have to help Kelly use the bathroom in the middle of the night and she probably didn’t want to see me in all my glory.

Done with my errands, I headed back to the hotel to take care of that hot nurse with a broken leg.

When I got back to the hotel, I stopped by my office to grab my laptop and some files. I thought I would have some downtime over the next few days where I could knock out some work and watch some porn. I knew that being around Kelly for the next few days was going to make me extremely horny. I would probably need to masturbate in my bedroom when she was asleep just to take the edge off and make sure I didn’t walk around the hotel suite with a permanent erection.  

I jumped on the elevator with my overnight bag, briefcase and pharmacy bag on my way to our 12th floor suite. I had been gone for 2 hours – so I wasn’t sure if Kelly was still asleep - I tried to be quiet when opening the door – but unfortunately the keycard always makes a beeping sound when it unlocks the door.

Kelly still lay on the sofa. Her casted leg propped on the pillows. Beautiful toes extending from the cast. She was awake and looking at her iPhone.

“Hey look who’s awake” I said as I walked in the door.

“I was wondering if you had abandoned me” replied Kelly

“No way – I’m here till you step or crutch on to a plane” I retorted.

“Oh you are just full of jokes aren’t you?” said Kelly clearly amused by my bit of humor.

“How are you feeling?” I asked as I walked over dropping my bags in the entry way and took my spot next to her on the couch. I was once again centimeters from her elevated casted broken leg.

“I feel a lot better – I needed a nap. I just can’t believe how this day has gone. I’m, I’m just so embarrassed by all of this. I can’t believe I did this! Other than that… I’m doing great!

As she was talking she had extended her healthy leg and her bare foot was resting in my lap again.  I took her lead and grabbed her foot and started to rub again.

“That… makes breaking my leg worth it…” she said referring to my foot massage.

“If this is all that it takes to keep you happy – you are going to be one happy woman” I replied.

“So what kind of goodies did you get me?” Referring to my drugstore bag.
I reluctantly removed her foot from my lap and got up to grab the pharmacy bag.

“If my foot massages don’t keep you happy, these will do the trick” I said as I showed her the bottle of pain pills.

“Thank god. What else do you have for me?” Kelly asked.

I pulled out the waterproof cast cover and showed it to her. She was very pleased, and told me how much of a lifesaver those things are compared to the messy alternative of trash bags and duct tape and recounted the countless times that patients had returned to her clinic with water logged casts seeking dry replacements.

I then reached into the bag and took out the stack of magazines that I had bought.

“I thought you might get bored – wasn’t sure what you were into – so I got a little bit of everything” I said.

“Bored? I thought you were going to be my entertainment for the next few days!!!” joked Kelly.

“Ha ha, yes I am a nurse/court jester. At your service!” I replied.

“Thank you Ryan. That is very thoughtful of you,” said Kelly in a sincere tone.

“I have one more surprise for you” I said reaching back into the bag and pulling out the bedpan.

“You have got to be kidding… a bedpan? It’s just a broken leg… Its not like I fell off a mountain skiing and have a trimal fracture in my right leg, and a distal femur fracture in my left leg along with a scaphoid fracture in my left arm. I’m pretty sure I can manage a toilet,” said Kelly trying to control her laughter.

“Man – if I didn’t know better – you just broke out nurse speak on me and shut me down! That was kind of cool” I replied.

Kelly speaking in such an authoritative tone about different types of fractures had me worked up. I wondered to myself why I didn’t take a few extra minutes at home and masturbate before I came back to the hotel. I was rock hard again.

“Speaking of which… I need to pee. Badly.” Said Kelly.

Kelly began gathering her crutches from the floor.

Kelly lowered her casted leg from the sofa. I watched the blood drain from her face.


She nodded. Eyes closed. I waited until Kelly seemed comfortable with her leg lowered. I handed Kelly her crutches and helped her up. It was clear again just how helpless this woman was. She was basically unable to get up from a sitting position without my assistance.
Kelly balanced on the crutches for a second and let out a loud, long moan. She held her casted leg behind her. Eyes still shut. Adjusting to the blood rushing to her shattered ankle. Then she moved forward. Toward the master bathroom. I stood poised behind Kelly. Ready to help if needed. Kelly entered the spacious bathroom and turned on the light. I watched as Kelly awkwardly propped her crutches up against the wall. I tried not to look as Kelly slid her pants down and, with my assistance, lowered herself to the toilet seat. I left with Kelly’s crutches in hand while my she relieved herself. When she was done, I returned with the crutches. I helped Kelly up, and helped pull her thong panties and her hospital pants up. Although I tried not to look, but I caught a good look at her firm rear end and the smooth skin between her legs. She was groomed very well. Probably a Brazilian wax.

Kelly’s face was beet red by the time she got herself pulled together. “God I feel so embarrassed. I am just so helpless” She said standing opposite me in the bathroom.

I don’t know what possessed me to do it. But I leaned forward and gave her a small kiss on the cheek and a firm hug. “You’re doing fine.” I said reassuringly. “We’ll get through this together.”

My heart was beating through my chest as we stood there embracing each other in the master bathroom of our hotel suite. Kelly leaning on her crutches arms wrapped around my waist and me leaning down arms wrapped around her shoulders.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Story - Service With A Smile - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

We took a few seconds trying to decide the best way to get her situated in the back seat of the SUV. Kelly slid into the backseat while I stabilized her leg and then she pulled her leg in as she sat across the massive back seat of the SUV. I slid in the passenger seat as our driver started the engine.

I turned my body towards her and said “We’ll have a wheelchair waiting for you at the hotel. I’ll get you up to the room and help you get settled in. Also – I called and had the staff move your things up to one of our penthouse suites. It’s much more spacious in there and it comes with 2 bedrooms and a separate living area. That’ll allow me to stay close to you and help you until you head back home.”

“Ryan, that’s so sweet of you. But I’m sure you have better things to do with your life then play nurse to me. I can totally manage on my own. Really…” replied Kelly.

“That’s not an option, you heard what Dr. Reed said. You will need help with everything! Doctors orders” I said as I looked at those delectable toes extending from the cast. My erection throbbed.

Kelly was silent for a moment. I could tell she was thinking through the thought of a stranger in her room. Then came the response.

“That’s very sweet of you. Ok, we’re roommates for the weekend. But I’m not going to be bedridden. I’m going to do my fair share.”

“Fair enough.” I said as the SUV turned into the drive of the hotel. Little did I know what the next few days held in store for me.

We managed to extricate Kelly from the car and get her into the waiting wheelchair. We hadn’t tested her crutching skills yet, however, given Kelly’s athletic body, I figured a few days of practice and she would be great at it.

I lifted her newly casted leg onto the extended leg rest. Once again, I noted the look of pain on her face as the position of her leg was adjusted. Again, it was a long moan with her eyes closed. Her face was flushed again. I held her crutches and purse while a bellhop began to push her chair.

As I walked beside her, I wondered again at Kelly’s beauty. Kelly was tall and leggy. Straight hair hung loosely around her shoulders. The facial features sharp and handsome. Trim frame. Sneaker  clad foot on her good leg. And of course the cast. White plaster. Perfectly fitted to Kelly’s shapely leg. Kelly’s knee bent slightly. Her toes long. Protruding from the end of the cast. Toenails painted that perfect shade of light pink. My member was rock hard again.

We rode the elevator up to the 12th floor. Kelly recounted the story of how she broke her leg to the bellhop along the way. I was surprised at how upbeat and energetic she sounded, considering the ordeal she had just been through.

We finally got to our room, the bellhop handed me the key as I moved in front of Kelly’s wheelchair to open the door. The room was our best. Great views, well furnished, a cozy living area with a big couch, arm chair and flat screen tv. It also had a small kitchenette area with a sink, microwave, coffee maker and fridge stocked with snacks, drinks and liquor.

The bellhop pushed Kelly into the room and parked in the middle of the living room.

Taking a quick look around I turned to Kelly and I said – lucky you! When they moved your stuff up here from your old room they put you in the bigger room! She chuckled and said – well it makes sense since I am the patient… I mean guest… Right?

I pushed Kelly into the master bedroom which had the king size bed, another small couch, and giant bathroom with huge oval shaped garden tub.  I got the other room which had the queen size bed, arm chair, and smaller bathroom.

“I’m impressed” Kelly remarked as she saw that her stuff had already been unpacked by our staff and organized.

“So, can I help you up and into your bed? I’m sure that that wheelchair isn’t very comfortable” I asked.

“You know what – I think I want to hang out on the couch in the living room if that’s ok. It is my mission not to be bedridden!” replied Kelly.

“Sure” I said as I started to turn the wheelchair and push it back into the living room.

I couldn’t get right next to the couch with the wheelchair, so now came the hard part. Getting her up, and moved onto the couch. I had leaned the crutches up against the wall in the entry way and I quickly grabbed those.

“All right, are you ready?” I asked

“Yup, it’s now or never” replied Kelly.

I lifted her foot rest out of the way so she could plant her sneaker clad good foot on the ground and push off. I then went behind the chair, grasped under her arms and began to lift her. She finally was in a standing position balancing on one foot. I then handed her the crutches – which she used for support.

I pulled the wheel chair out of the way and then helped Kelly get propped up on her crutches properly. She let out another moan of pain, and became flushed again. But this was louder that what I had heard getting out of the car.

“I’m sorry, just with me standing up the blood rushed down to my legs and I could really feel the injury for a minute.” Kelly replied.

“Please don’t apologize, I want you to be as comfortable as possible, I know you are in a lot pain… moan all you want. I don’t care. Whatever helps you” I replied.

And there she was. A thing of beauty. Standing on her crutches, white plaster cast bent just enough at the knee so her toes were pointed down and held off the ground when she stood straight up.

Not only was I rock hard… but I was throbbing. I was sure that some pre-cum had already leaked out into my boxer briefs.

I asked – so, have you ever used crutches before?

“Well, not only do I have to be familiar with how to use them for my job, but I have a confession… This is not the first time I’ve broken my leg.” Said Kelly.

“Oh?” I asked

Kelly continued “Yeah, I broke my other leg my senior year of high school. I was a cheerleader and broke it in the middle of a basketball came while doing a stunt. Talk about embarrassing… I think my whole small Midwestern town was at the game and saw me. At least this time around – no one saw me break my leg!”

“Wow, so you are a pro at this. Probably don’t even need my help!” I chuckled.

“No, absolutely not, I’m so grateful to have someone here to help me. Having been through this once, I know that it is going to be tough. I was just putting on a brave face earlier. I’m so glad you didn’t take the bait and back out!”

“Never, I’m here at your service until I see your wheelchair get pushed onto a plane in 4 or 5 days.” I replied trying to reassure Kelly.

She gave me a smile and took her first step on her crutches towards me, and gave me a hug, while she leaned on her crutches. I instinctively pulled her in closer and returned the embrace.

She then said, “I’m sorry, I got a little emotional there”

“Don’t be sorry – I’m here for you.” I replied.

With that being said, she turned and crutched toward the couch. I was right behind her. She then turned her back to the couch, put her crutches together and expertly sat down while using her crutches for support.  She lifted her good left leg onto the couch herself. I then leaned down and put my hands under her plaster casted ankle and slowly lifted her casted leg onto the couch. Again there was a moan of pain.

I propped her crutches up on the wall adjacent to the couch and made my way over to the hallway closet. I was looking for some extra pillows and a blanket.

“Oh my god. I feel like I could melt into this couch. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable that chair was.” Remarked Kelly.

“I’m guessing you are exhausted.” I said as I returned to the couch with 3 pillows and a blanket.

“Not exhausted, but fatigued. I really needed this comfy couch.”

I walked up to her with a pillow and she leaned forward as I positioned it between her and the arm rest of the couch. I then sat down beside her on the couch and took 2 of the pillows and carefully slid them under her casted leg while a gently lifted her casted leg up slightly.
“Thank you. Elevating my leg will help with my swelling. You are off to a good start as my nurse!” Exclaimed Kelly.

I laughed as I sat back and took a deep breath.

She then lifted her good left leg up and towards her as she struggled to reach the laces on her sneaker. It was obvious she wanted to remove her shoe, but was struggling with it.

I quickly grabbed her sneaker clad foot and brought it towards my lap and said – “I thought for a moment to sit back and see how long that would have taken you, but that would be cruel. Let me handle this”

I proceeded to untie her laces and loosen them and then slowly slip her shoe off. I couldn't believe I was sitting on the couch with a gorgeous woman in a plaster LLC.

Her sock was a little damp as I grasped her now shoe-less foot and tried to position it back on the couch where it originally was. She stopped me and said. “Can you take my sock off too?”

I gladly obliged and peeled off her no show athletic sock revealing her perfect pedicured delicate toes. I was mesmerized, and instinctively began to rub/massage her foot and instep. After a few seconds of this – Kelly snapped me out of my day dream with “Oh wow… that feels so good. I didn't know my nurse was also a masseuse!”

“Um uh, I’m sorry, I stammered”

“No - keep going this is great. Seriously” she replied.

I continued to massage her foot and began making some small talk. She asked me about my job and what I exactly did for the hotel.

As I made my way through my answer, while rubbing her foot, I looked over and had Kelly drifted off to sleep

Once again, I admired my Kelly’s  toes. The shiny  white cast seemed to accentuate them. The pink of  her polish appeared brighter and more mesmerizing in the non hospital lighting. I resisted an urge to touch the toes on Kelly’s casted leg while she slept.

I figured she would be out for a little while. No matter what she said – she was exhausted.

I decided to take the opportunity to run to the pharmacy to fill her prescription and run by my place to grab some clothes and toiletries.

To be continued...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Real Women Real Broken Bones - Episode 39

Our first installment of Real Women Real Broken Bones for 2014 is a good one.

College soccer player, classic tib/fib break resulting in a giant full leg cast...

First we see the moment of impact when her lower leg and knee gives way and breaks in half...

This might be a first... A pic in the ambulance.

Then we see the resulting swelling at the hospital as she waits to be treated.

Finally she is sent home with a temporary full leg cast as she goes home to wait for her next appointment.

And here you have it. A perfect pristine freshly applied white full leg cast

A car ride a few days later

A nice pic of her cast and her dog

And the ultimate pic... which speaks for itself....

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Story - Service With A Smile - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Finally she broke the silence “You look traumatized” she laughed. “Don’t worry, this is exactly what I wanted. Yes it looks giant and uncomfortable, but surgery was not an option. You don’t understand how relieved I am to be in this plaster prison, instead of being hooked up to an IV being prepped for surgery.”

I laughed and said “No, I’m not traumatized, just in awe of how quickly everything happened.”

“You’re telling me? About 8 hours ago, I was coming back in from my run and going through my speech in my head… and now this…trust me I’m in awe as well!” She said laughing.

I tried to follow up her laughter with a light hearted comment of my own. “Well, at least your toes are painted and cute… every cloud as its silver lining!” I chuckled.

“Ha! Thanks for the compliment. I got a pedicure before I left home, I had some pretty awesome open toed heels that I was going to rock tonight when I spoke… had to look good!”

 “Well, I’m glad you’re done with all this. Does the leg still hurt?” I asked.

 “It aches. Not like before though. It’s just sore. I guess that’s a combination of the meds and from the muscles being stretched and pulled.” Replied Kelly.

Then we became silent. I stared at Kelly’s toes. I had a sudden urge to touch her toes. Or perhaps place my lips around the toes and suck them. I walked over to the sink in the room, grabbing some paper towels and wetting them with warm water. I then took the wet towels and walked over to Kelly’s right side and reached over to the toes sticking out of her cast and started to gently clean the plaster speckles.

“We can’t have that plaster ruining your new pedicure!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you; you didn’t have to… but thanks.” Replied Kelly with a smile.

“I’m afraid you are going to have to get used to me doing things for you. Until you are ready to leave the hotel, I’m going to be your personal assistant/nurse!” I replied.

Just then Laura appeared. She was pushing a wheelchair.

“We need to get some x-rays of the leg.” Laura said. Sorry, I know you want to get out of here. But we need to make sure that the bones are all lined up and nothing moved on us while we were putting the cast on you!  

The nurse helped Kelly into a sitting position. Kelly appeared a bit unsteady. The nurse let Kelly take her time.  Kelly gasped audibly when Laura helped lower her leg from the examining table.

“It’s the blood flow.” Laura explained. “Feels like your leg is going to explode when you lower it.
She was flushed and red again. Perched on the side of the examining able. Her leg hanging down. She had her eyes closed and let out several audible moans.

“God that hurts.” Kelly said.

After taking a moment to compose herself, Kelly pushed away from the examining table. Laura guided Kelly into the wheelchair and positioned Kelly’s leg in the leg rest.

Seeing Kelly sitting there in the wheelchair, her plastered leg held up in front of her, the toes perfectly displayed…  I impossibly felt my erection getting harder…

 “We’ll be back in a few minutes.” Laura promised wheeling Kelly out the door.

Kelly returned from her final x-ray session about 20 minutes later. “Sorry.” Laura explained. “The place was jammed.” A pair of crutches were now perched on the back of the wheelchair. “Dr. Reed will be in to talk with you in a few minutes.

“Why don’t we go ahead and get you dressed.” Laura nodded to the pile of clothes lying on the counter.

Kelly and I both looked at the pile of clothes wondering how in God’s name we were going to get her dressed.

“Don’t worry” Laura said. “You don’t have to do it alone.”

I started to excuse myself so that Kelly could have some privacy, but Kelly stopped me.

“If you are going to be my personal assistant/nurse until I leave your hotel, you better stay and see how this is done. I might need your help once we get back to the hotel!” said Kelly.

“Oh great, we could use an extra set of hands” interjected Laura.

Fortunately, Kelly was not overly modest. Laura directed the proceedings and I worked under her watch. I handed her the sports bra first. She slipped off Kelly’s hospital gown, once again revealing that set of ample breasts. Without any hint of embarrassment, Kelly tossed the hospital gown on the floor and pulled on the sports bra. Then came the dry fit tank top. The yoga pants were not going to work, so I handed Laura a pair of loose fitting draw string hospital pants that she had put out on the counter.

Clad in t-shirt and thong panties, Kelly rose from the wheelchair. Once again she seemed momentarily paralyzed when she lowered her leg. After a brief pause she grabbed the examining table for support and stood erect.

I couldn’t help but stare from my position behind Kelly. Her ass was toned and looked so firm  in the thong underwear. Her cast ended right where her but cheek met her upper thigh. I had to be careful, and not stare too long or slip into a day dream/fantasy.

Laura got on her knees and slowly worked the pants up Kelly’s casted leg and then I supported Kelly as she lifted her good foot off the ground and stepped into the pants. After pulling on her running jacket, Kelly re-established herself in the wheelchair. Laura then asked me to put the shoe and sock back on Kelly’s healthy left foot while she went out and tried to find Dr. Reed. Once again I was touching Kelly’s feet. They were cold, and the skin was soft. After taking a quick second to admire her foot, I slipped on her no show sock and then slipped on her Nike running shoe.

“Good job! We’ll make a nurse out of you pretty quickly!” Exclaimed Kelly.

Just then Dr. Reed re-appeared. “Sorry for the wait.” He began. “This place is a madhouse today. I’ve seen the x-rays and they look fine.” Dr. Reed made a note on Kelly’s chart.

“I want you to visit with your orthopedic as soon as you get back home. As I mentioned, we have kept you off the operating table, but you will have to have regular x-rays to make sure all is healing properly. I’m going to give you a prescription for some pain medication. The leg will be sore for a week or so. As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised if it’s worse tomorrow than it is now. I want you to call us if you notice any tightness in the cast. Any blueness in your toes. Or if the pain increases markedly. Your body will usually tell you if something is going wrong.”

Dr. Reed ripped the prescription from the pad and handed it to me.

“One more thing – do not fly for at least 4 days. Maybe 5 to be safe. The pressure on your cast in a plane will cause you so much pain that it will be unbearable. Get some rest, order room service and enjoy our city from your hotel window!” said Dr. Reed.

“Life won’t be easy for the next few days. Everything you do when you get back to the hotel will be a challenge. Getting dressed. Using the bathroom. Even simple things like pouring a cup of coffee. You can’t image how difficult things will be.” The doctor looked at both of us. “Kelly will need help.” Dr. Wilkins now looked at me. “I suggest you make sure she has 24 hour assistance until she is able to return home.”

“We’ve got that covered Dr. Reed, we will be giving Kelly assistance throughout her stay.

 “Any questions?” Dr. Wilkins asked. We shook our heads.

“Good luck to you” Said Dr. Reed shaking our hands before he turned and left.

Laura pushed Kelly’s wheelchair down the hall, toward the exit as I carried her belongings.

It was sight to behold, a gorgeous woman in a fresh plaster cast, with her leg propped up in a wheelchair. This was going to be an interesting 4 or 5 days I thought to myself, and noticed that my cock was still firm inside my pants.

I had called ahead and had one of our courtesy SUV’s waiting for us at the exit. The driver jumped out and opened up the back door.

It was at that moment both Kelly and I looked at each other and I said – “Well, this is certainly going to be tricky… How are we going to fit you in the car?” 

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Obviously one of the big turn ons to seeing a cute woman in a leg cast is the toes sticking out of the end. Just perfectly framed for all of us to see. These toes come in all shapes and sizes; some are bruised, others are swollen, some have chipped polish, others have speckles of plaster. I came across these pics over the weekend - and I was immediately turned on. WOW. Although I generally prefer the 2nd toe to be slightly longer or even with her big toe, these toes are as close to perfect as I have seen when looking at toes sticking out of casts. While the quality of the toes and the picture might make this look like some sort of cast fetish model - she is not. Just a regular college woman with a broken ankle. Look at the excellent polish on her toes. The thickness of her toes is close to perfect. They are just perfectly displayed in the cast.

What does everyone think?