Monday, January 19, 2015

Random Cast Pictures

I wanted to share some random pictures of gorgeous casts that I have found over the past few weeks. ENJOY! Which one do you guys like the most?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cast Application Videos

Breaking News - This blog is alive and well! I've just been busy. I'm usually able to update my tumblr more frequently because it does not require a ton of effort/time. So please be sure to check it out!

Here are some videos that show the application of various different casts on a gorgeous woman. These are produced by a medical supply company, so they are not pornographic by definition - but they got me VERY worked up. You can see her face in the arm cast videos and then you get to see her amazingly gorgeous toes in the leg cast application videos. Notice how she wiggles them... Oh my.. THOSE TOES ARE SO SUCKABLE!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reader Participation Game

So this post got totally hijacked in the comments. I'm pretty sure that the commentor known as "Caitlyn" is probably some sort of imposter, troll, etc. She has refused all requests to verify herself - and it just seems too suspicious. I haven't deleted here comments - because they are not offensive - so if that sort of thing appeals to you - then go ahead and check out the comments.

I don't believe we met the minimum criteria for you all to "earn" the reward - but what the heck - here is the reward anyway. ENJOY!

CHALLENGE: I want 9 comments from readers with the following:
1. Your sex and approx age
2. Ask me 1 naughty question that I have to give a true answer to. Make it dirty! 
3. Tell me about the your most recent sexual encounter with another human (hint: masturbation doesn't count!) 
  • Was is with a male or female? 
  • Did you climax? Did you climax more than once? Did your partner climax? 
  • Did you engage in anything kinky or fetish related? If so what?
4. Extra Credit - AFTER posting your answer in the comments here - email me your answer - and I will send you the pics first AND I will include a bonus pic and I will answer question #3 for you! My email is castsandtoes at yahoo dot com


REWARD: I have 8 pictures of a female in her late 20's who suffered a tibia/fibula break after being hit by a car. The leg break was the only serious injury she suffered. I have pictures of her resting at home on her couch with a freshly applied white fiberglass FULL LEG CAST. Her gorgeous toes are on full display.  I have pictures of her on her bed with the casted leg elevated on pillows. In some of the pics her toes are unpainted - in others they are painted. Trust me... these pictures are AMAZING!

Oh - the bonus pic I teased earlier? Its of her in the hospital sitting on the x-ray table with her leg in a fresh purple full leg cast after a cast change... 

Here is a pic of the girl without a cast - just to give you a preview.. 

READY? Go! Go! Go!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Real Women Real Broken Bones Episode 42

Here we have a college aged female who broke her tibia and fibula in a zip lining accident. How amazing are those 2 full leg casts? Perfect right?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Real Women Real Broken Bones Episode 41

For our latest installment of Real Women Real Broken Bones is an 18 yr old female who broke her leg skim boarding at the beach. She suffered a distal tibia fracture.

This first picture is probably one of the most arousing cast related pics I have ever seen. She is helpless, having just suffered a horrible leg break, getting ready to be x-rayed.

Here is a better shot of her temporary cast with an ice bag over the site of the break

The temp cast has not been removed, preparing her for her full leg fiberglass cast. 

You can see the bruising around her break. 

And here is the finished product...
What did everyone think?

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Chapter 8 - Service With A Smile

Chapter 8

When we were done, we lay in each other’s arms. Sweating but content. I could feel the coolness of the smooth plaster touching my thigh as we lay there. Briefly, I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke, Kelly was asleep also. I took the opportunity to use the bathroom. I stopped at the bathroom door to look back at the scene of this gorgeous female naked body lying in the bed with one leg encased in plaster. Her toes perfectly framed, her leg perfectly outlined with the plaster. I wondered to myself if and when I was going to be able to suck on her gorgeous toes. Even though I had just cum, my cock was stirring once again. After the bathroom – I walked out into the living room to order up some room service. I knew Kelly would be starving when she woke up.

When I opened the door to return to the room and the bed, Kelly was awake. She had a grin on her face – like someone who had just been caught doing something naughty.

“I’m sorry.” She said “I shouldn’t have attacked you like that.”

“Are you kidding me?” I said as I sat down on the edge of the bed next to her. I placed my hand on Kelly’s hip just above her cast. “If anyone was being attacked – it was me attacking you! And it doesn’t matter because I’ve wanted to do that since the moment I walked into that empty ballroom this morning!”

Kelly smiled. “I’ve felt the same way.” She looked reflective. “Well maybe not since the ballroom, but definitely since the hospital. Strange isn’t it? I mean here I am with a major injury but, somehow, all I could think about was how attracted I was to you!”

With that I leaned down and kissed her. This time longer and with more passion than before. Kelly’s warm breasts pressed into my chest. I was fully erect once again.

“I’m sorry about the cast.” Kelly said nodding toward her injured leg.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well.” Kelly looked devilish. “I’m normally pretty good in bed. You know pretty flexible and open minded.”

I laughed. “I thought you were pretty flexible with me! It certainly doesn’t seem easy to do what we just did while one of your legs is weighed down with plaster!

With that Kelly reached over and grabbed my rock hard cock and began to stroke it.

“You made it easier because your cock is the size of a small baseball bat” said Kelly while looking into my eyes and continuing her gentle stroking of me.

I leaned back and began to stroke her uncovered thigh right above her cast and making my way to her lady parts.

She whispered “It’s my turn – I want to taste you”

With that I took my position over her body. My head and face close to her open thighs and my man parts positioned over her head and face. She continued to stroke me as I lowered myself into her mouth. Soon as I was completely in her warm delicate mouth, I strategically buried my face between her thighs; I could feel the hard plaster against the side of my head as I again explored her with my tongue. My hands explored her legs including the plaster that covered her right leg.  Where during my first session of giving Kelly oral sex I was slow, teasing and deliberate, here I was more direct. There was no teasing – just one goal – give her pleasure.

She did the same with me, using her tongue, lips and hands to make me quiver. While her tongue and lips worked on my erect manhood, she used her hands to explore my sack and caress my bottom. At one point she ran her fingers down my crack to my sack and then back again. If this was a test – I’m hoping I passed as I did not move away and seemed to welcome the exploration. In the following moments she performed magic tricks with her tongue and lips as I was close to erupting. Her hands continued to caress me; and in the final seconds before I exploded in her mouth she paused and focused on a spot just below my scrotum and before my anus. As I exploded in her mouth, she did not flinch once and didn’t seem to waste a drop. At almost the same time, as her wetness peaked I could feel her quiver as she experienced the pleasure of my tongue inside of her.

Both of us having cummed, we lay in the same position for a few minutes as our bodies recovered. My head still between her legs, the cold plaster still rubbing up against one side of my head. Soon, I got off of her and assumed my position next to her, holding her, caressing her skin as her body recovered.

Just as we were both about to drift off to sleep, there was a knock on the door of our suite.

“Who’s that?” asked Kelly as she stroked my chest with her soft hands.

After taking a second to process the knock and her question I said “Its room service, I ordered some food for us while you were napping.”

“Perfect timing” giggled Kelly. “And I’m starving too!”

I kissed Kelly and then I reluctantly got up, put on a robe, closed the bedroom door behind me and went to let the room service waiter in. 

Friday, June 06, 2014

The Return Of The Reader Participation Game!!!

Happy summer loyal readers!

I hope the summer is off to a great start! If you have a foot fetish - then welcome to your favorite time of the year!

You guys have come through on every one of these games. Let's hope that you come through on this one!

This challenge will have 2 rewards. 1 is a personal customized prize and the other is the group prize. Make sure you follow all the steps!

CHALLENGE: I want 11 comments from readers that answer:
1. Your sex, 
2. approx age,
3. Tell me what you masturbated to most recently. Details are a must!
4. Ask me a naughty question. (I will answer any and all questions)
Personal Prize - AFTER posting your answer in the comments here - email me your answer and tell me which kink turns you on the most (Cast Fetish, Foot Fetish, Pegging, etc) and I will send you a VIDEO of that kink that is guaranteed to arouse you! My email is castsandtoes at yahoo dot com


REWARD: I have 8 pictures that I want to share. They are of a gorgeous mid 40's female who suffered a significant break in her foot. She is a fitness fan, and is in great shape. She was first placed in a pink short leg cast and then into a purple short leg cast. I have pics of the cast being applied, closeups of her bruised toes sticking out of the cast, closeups of her perfectly painted toes sticking out of the cast, and other pics of the cast. I also have a pic of her face. 

Are you guys ready?